Friday, March 19, 2021

Nikola Tesla & The Illuminati (Documentary)

As I stated in my last blog post, my movie “The 9/11 Questions Will Be An Eye Opening & Great Film”. I speak a little bit about the globalist group known as “The Illuminati” whose main goal is to create a one world government & dictatorship. Seeing as they are getting very close to succeeding. I felt as if its time to start introducing more content exposing them as my concern for humanity grows.

Down below is a documentary video of the great inventor, Nikola Tesla. As you will see the shadow government (The Illuminati) had been stalking, Nikola Telsa, for some time. Tesla, had a lot of inventions that would benefit humanity in great ways. However, he was mysteriously murdered in 1943 & the government seized his inventions.

This happened to another inventor named Dr. Royal Rife in 1971. A doctor who was healing people of cancer using “Healing Frequencies.” The government couldn’t allow that. Afterall, they would lose so much money. This world is so dysfunctional because of the people who are controlling it. “Order Out of Chaos” is written on the American One Dollar Bill. “New World Order Out of Chaos”. Thats the goal. Thats the End Game.

I will return next month with an update on the progress of my film “The 9/11 Questions” which will be released on 9.11.2021. Thanks for watching!

Yours Truly,
Blaze Mordecai


“Nikola Tesla & The Illuminati” (Video):


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