Sunday, April 18, 2021

“The 9/11 Questions” Film Is Really Coming Together

It has been nearly 1 month since my last update, “3/13/2021 – ‘The 9/11 Questions’ Will Be An Eye Opening & Great Film”. A lot of the film has been put together in the last 2 months. Its really shocking to see all of the lies that we were told nearly 20 years ago when it comes to the planned destruction of the World Trade Center. Making this film & piecing everything together really pisses me off & greatly saddens me because the real people who created 9/11 became very wealthy off of this staged attack & no one was ever convicted of these crimes against humanity.

The victims families questions were never answered by the United States Government. Everything was swept under the rug as is the case in most organized crimes. Everything including the crime evidence was very quickly taken out of New York City on September 12th, 2001. Just like the crime scene evidence disappeared, so did the answers to the victims families questions. Sadly, in this new film "The 9/11 Questions", everything will become abundantly clear about what happened on 9/11. This was organized crime at its very best.

I have some extremely shocking & terrifying footage that will appear in the documentary that will change everyone’s minds who actually believed the official government story. I wonder if I will end up dead over releasing this footage, but I honestly don’t give a fuck & I see death as a reward anyways. We were born to die. So, its no skin off my ass.

Currently, the film’s running time is nearly 59 minutes. The current setup of the film will be done in chapters. So, far I have completed 3 Chapters for the film. The film might end up having 6 Chapters. I am half way done with ‘The 9/11 Questions’ documentary unless I shorten the film length. I would like to have the film be 1 hour 30 minutes up to possibly 2 hours.

I will return in May 2021 with another update on ‘The 9/11 Questions’. I’m putting a ton of my time into this. So, I won’t be returning to this website full time for a while yet. I need to get this done as a tribute to the victims families & the people who were totally screwed over by a very sinister evil wicked & very corrupt faction of government. The whole government isn’t bad. Just a part of it is evil & the politicians are quite aware of The Illuminiati’s presence. This documentary ‘The 9/11 Questions’ will be available for free on 9/11/2021 on the 20 year anniversary of the attacks.

Look for another update in May 2021 concerning ‘The 9/11 Questions’ & thank you for reading!

Yours Very Truly,
Blaze Angelus Mordecai


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