Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Blaze Mordecai's “The 9/11 Questions” Film Making Major Progress

Back when I announced “Blaze Mordecai Film ‘The 9/11 Questions’ Coming September 11th, 2021”, I knew that it would take me many months to put this video together. I know so much information about the terrorist attacks that occured on 9/11. Information that has not been disclosed to most people on this planet.

I have obtained video footage & images that will be truly shocking. I think its very sad that these murderers who committed 9/11 have never been brought to justice, but I guess when you are so wealthy. Who can touch you when you own everything & everyone?

Most of the people on this planet are asleep. They think that their government & religious leaders are just such wonderful people, but the fact is that all of these systems are corrupt. “The 9/11 Questions” will definitely reveal that to be true.

Currently, the film is now at around 1 hour & 35 minutes. I’m working on finishing the first chapter of the film which is called ‘Who Is The Illuminati?’. I will probably have that chapter completed within the next few days. Then, I will move on to the last few chapters of the film. I will return next month with another update on the progress of ‘The 9/11 Questions’.

I already have several ideas for a sequel to the film & I’m possibly looking at a 2023 release date for it. That announcement will come in the right time.

Have A Good Day,
Blaze Angelus Mordecai


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