Monday, January 4, 2021

KiLDiG Band Pictures (2021)

In 2022, I will introduce my musical group “Kildig” to the world with an album being released later that year. Much of the album is already completed, but first I really want to put a lot of my time & effort into making the Kildig website a huge Horror Movie Archive before doing an album release. The album will be extremely dark in nature.

I have totally given up on doing any new updates on my official website TheBlazeMordecai.Net until January 2nd, 2022. Kildig is my main focus now moving forward. Below are some pictures of the 2 new band members who will be joining me in the heavy metal group named “KiLDiG”. Their names are “Insanity” & “Dismembered”…You will see more of us as time & the album progresses, but this is most likely all you will see of us in 2021… We will be too busy taking souls & digging holes.

Thanks for Reading,
Blaze Mordecai

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