Sunday, December 5, 2021

2022 & 2023 Kildig Plans + Future Blaze Mordecai Films + "The 9/11 Questions" Sequels

As for our heavy metal band Kildig. In late November 2021, I alerted my drummer "Dismembered" to tell him that I'm retiring from music or at least taking a break for 2 years. I sold all of my music equipment the next day. I no longer have any passion in creating new music. However, the future Kildig album will still be released at some point. I just need to record the vocal tracks. Its kind of on the backburner at this time as I will begin my new 5 year plan next month.

Our website located at will continue to receive weekly updates through 2022. I will be posting around 6-10 updates per month throughout 2022. I released a 9/11 Documentary through the Kildig website on September 11th, 2021 called "The 9/11 Questions". Its an excellent film if you have any interest in 9/11. I found video footage that 98% of the population has never seen that appeared in the film.

In 2023, I will begin working on the sequel to "The 9/11 Questions" which will be called "Language of The Illuminati." Like in the first film, I will expose the illuminati & their evil intentions for humanity. I may even be doing the next 2 films back to back. The 3rd film of the triliogy will be called "The Bible God Kills" which will focus on god's millions of murders in The Holy Bible that most christians totally ignore & yet believers still say "god is love." Its total hypocrisy. Clearly there is no god & the god in the bible is anything but loving. In 2023, I won't be doing many Kildig website updates while I work on both films. I will just post updates on the progress of both upcoming films.

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Blaze Angelus Mordecai Will Return on January 2nd, 2024

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