Sunday, December 12, 2021

(NUDE) Saraya Jade Bevis (WWE Paige) Pictures [Sexy Babes]



So, here is another female WWE talent who fucked A LOT of WWE wrestlers on film. She took a ton of nude pictures too sending them to various men over texts. All of the videos & pictures got leaked on the internet. Paige went viral when her porn video's & other adult content was released. Judging by all of these video's, I'd have to say this girl has fucked a ton of men in her lifetime. You can clearly see that in the video's.

Well, I'm sure her parents are very proud of her getting tons of cumshots on her face & even busting a guys nut on her NXT Women's Wrestling Championship Belt. What a way to show her respect to the WWE. The company who made her famous off of fake fights & even letting her win a fake wrestling belt so she can look cooler on television even though wrestling ain't so cool anymore.

I lost a ton of respect for her once I see all of this bullshit go viral on the internet years ago. I was no longer a fan of hers after this. How embarrassing that must have been for her & everyone else involved since many of the "Performers" are also on WWE Television every week. Oh well, if you act like a fucking dirty ass pig & show no respect for yourself. Then, you end up paying for it at some point I guess.

Paige had a lot of plastic surgery since that time. Perhaps thats her way of distancing herself from the girl in the porn videos because she literally now looks like a totally different person. Although I would say her plastic surgery was a success because she looks better now than she did before plastic surgery. Most women after plastic surgery look worse. Paige looked better afterwards. Anyways, here are Paige's nude pictures down below.

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(NUDE) WWE's Paige Pictures [Sexy Babes]:






































































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