Monday, September 5, 2022

"Halloween Ends" Soundtrack - The Procession


So, here is the first song that has leaked from the "Halloween Ends" Soundtrack. The film will be released in theaters & also on Peacock on October 14th, 2022. I'm surprised that some of the soundtrack has already leaked. The last 2 Halloween Films I got my hands on the soundtrack both times a few weeks before the movie release. I was going to post this on youtube but I'm not getting my channel taken down for that. No way. People keep posting music from the "Halloween Ends" Soundtrack on youtube & it gets taken down fast.

Anyways, here is one of the songs called "The Procession". This is most likely going to be the music playing at the end of the film & during the credits sequence. It sounds pretty good. Enjoy!

Dead Is Better,
Blaze Mordecai

"Halloween Ends" Soundtrack - The Procession (2022): Will Return on January 2nd, 2024

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