Saturday, November 19, 2022

"Dismembered vs. Black Bull" (The Best of DCW) [2000]

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This match was the last show that we did at the end of DCW: Season 1 in October 2000. Dismembered faces off against DCW World Heavyweight Champion Black Bull. During this epic encounter, Blaze comes out to help Black Bull, but ends up smashing him in the face with a cookie sheet by accident. Black Bull then gets enraged & powerbombs Blaze through a table.Thats me playing the Blaze character by the way. Black Bull put me through the table & it was a fun ride honestly hahaha. Anyways, check out the match below to see who walks out with the DCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Dead Is Better,
Blaze Mordecai

"Dismembered vs. Black Bull" (The Best of DCW) [2000]:

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