Sunday, December 25, 2022

Sam Harris Destroys Christianity

Samuel Benjamin Harris is an American philosopher, neuroscientist, author, & podcast host. His work touches on a wide range of topics, including rationality, religion, ethics, free will, neuroscience, meditation, psychedelics, philosophy of mind, politics, terrorism, & artificial intelligence.

In the video below, Sam Harris totally destroys Christianity & shows how obsurd the claims in The Holy Bible really are. I don't hate too many things in life, but one thing I hate with a passion is all of the fake man made religions on the planet currently. I don't know how religious people can be so blind, ignorant, & stupid pertaining to the facts that there is no evidence of god or of an afterlife. I was a christian for 15 years. I was studying to be a minister of god at one point. Reading The Holy Bible is what turned me into an atheist. Anyways, Sam Harris, lays it out in epic fashion in the video below. There is no god & there is nothing after you die just like there is nothing before you are born.

Dead Is Better,
Blaze Mordecai

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