Tuesday, December 20, 2022

"Why I No Longer Believe In God" (Documentary)

This is a film by Michael Maletin. This film was a great comfort to me on the road from spirituality to atheism. Every god & every religion on earth has been created by men. Thats a huge red flag! The Holy Bible has thousands of contradictions written in it. This film below is a great example of someone finding freedom from their toxic religion. If you are doubting your faith, then know that there are others like us all around the world & also know that atheism is growing rapidly. 20% of christians in the last 20 years have left the church & no longer believe in god or in an afterlife. Try to find evidence of god, if you don't try then you're just living a lie & eventually that lie will eat you up inside. I couldn't keep lying to myself. Can you?

Dead Is Better,
Blaze Mordecai

"Why I No Longer Believe In God" (Documentary):

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