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"9/11" [2 Films]
"Adolf Hitler" (2010) [Documentary]
"Aliens / UFO" (4 Documentaries)
"Andre The Giant: Larger Than Life" (Documentary)
"American Illuminati" (2017)
"Beavis & Butthead Do Christmas" (1995)
"Bermuda Triangle" (Documentary)
"BTK Serial Killer" (Documentary)
"B.T.K. Serial Killer" (Movie)
"Charles Manson" (2008)
"Chernobyl" (3 Documentaries)
"Chris Benoit" (Documentary)
"Children of The Corn" (1984)
"Children of The Corn: The Making Of" (1984)
"Children of The Corn 2: The Making Of" (1991)
"Child's Play" (1988)
"Dino Bravo" (Documentary)
"Ed Gein" (Documentary)
"Ed Gein" (Movie)
"Friday The 13th" [4 Films]
"Friday The 13th" [8 Documentaries]
"Halloween" [5 Films]

"Halloween" [13 Documentaries]
"Jeffrey Dahmer" (Documentary)
"Jimmy Snuka" (Documentary)
"John Wayne Gacy" (Documentary)
"John Wayne Gacy" (Movie)
"Joseph Stalin" (Documentary)
"Night of The Living Dead" Behind The Scenes (1990)
"Night of The Living Dead" (1990)
"Night of The Living Dead" (1968)
"Nikola Tesla & The Illuminati" (Documentary)
"Owen Hart" (Documentary)
"Pet Sematary" (Documentary)
"Psycho" (1960) [Movie]
"Religion" [5 Films]
"Secret Window" (Documentary)
"Sex: The Secret Gate To Eden" (Documentary)
"Silent Night Deadly Night" (Movie)
"Silent Night Deadly Night 2" (Movie)
"Sleepaway Camp" [3 Films]
"Sleepaway Camp" (Documentary)
"Ted Bundy" (Movie)
"Ted Bundy" (Documentary)
"Texas Chainsaw Massacre" [4 Films]

"Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (7 Documentaries)
"The Role of Lies & Propaganda In The Gulf War" (Documentary)
"The Zodiac Killer" (Documentary) Is Under Construction

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