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9.13.2023 - Is Up For Sale

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We here at the Kildig website have been informed that the current owner, (NAME REDACTED) is putting up for sale. He listed the website officially for sale on his website yesterday in his post "NAME REDACTED Lists For Sale".

We aren't going to tell you that he is lying about what he's saying in his posts. We have been pretty rough on him since he joined Christianity and maybe we've been wrong in our approach with him. Maybe we've said things we shouldn't have said, and now he is making us pay for our bad choices.

With that being said, we're currently raising the funds to pay the $1200 fee to FORMER OWNER (NAME REDACTED). so that we can continue the Kildig website and move forward without NAME REDACTED's affiliation. It's very likely that we will be contacting FORMER OWNER in the next 30 days to purchase from him. We don't want to lose the Kildig website to the other two possible buyers.

The Kildig band would like to take this opportunity to apologize to FORMER OWNER (NAME REDACTED) for all of the hateful things we've done and said to him over the last few months.

-Kildig Band

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