Sold To New Owner

10.24.2023 - Sold To New Owner

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The former owner (name redacted) of the Kildig website has officially sold for $1200 to the new owner, Conal Cochran. I will now officially take over all operations here on the Kildig website. Also, I will be working together with the Kildig Band members. There will be a close connection between the Kildig band and myself.

The former owner (name redacted) of the Kildig website and all mentions of him will be removed from our website by December 2nd, 2023, per our agreement with that party. We would like to wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

A new era of the Kildig website is coming soon.

Website Owner,
Conal Cochran

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Note - Is Under New Ownership as of October 24th, 2023 is a pretty massive music and video archive that began on Decem...