Major Issues Occuring Between Kildig Band Members

7.18.2023 - Major Issues Occuring Between Kildig Band Members

As some of you may know, Kildig is a heavy metal band comprised of four members, with the lead guitarist and lead singer being NAME REDACTED. The Kildig band recorded an album off and on from 2020 to 2021. The Kildig album was finally completed in early 2023.

stated that he wasn't sure that he wanted to release the Kildig album as the lyrics are very dark and negative. So, the Kildig band has had many disputes over the album's release for many months now. Today, the album remains in limbo.

Now fast forward to June 2023. NAME REDACTED has repented of his sins and turned to the Christian religion. The other three Kildig band members are atheists. So, it has caused a huge rift in their friendships, and finally getting this album released.

Due to NAME REDACTED turning to religion, he has stated that he won't allow the album to be released, and he has even stated that he doesn't want anything to do with the Kildig band or website. Currently, there are a lot of issues going on behind the scenes.

and the Kildig band are trying to come to some sort of agreement where all parties are in agreement with the specified terms of both parties. We will keep you up to date on this Kildig band situation.

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