"Megadeth" Albums


"Killing Is My Business & Business Is Good" (1985):



"Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?" (1986):

"So Far So Good So What" (1988):


"Rust In Peace" (1990):



"Countdown To Extinction" (1992):




"Youthanasia" (1994):


"Cryptic Writings" (1997):


"Risk (1999):



"The World Needs A Hero" (2001):



"The System Has Failed" (2004):



"United Abominations" (2007):



"Endgame" (2009):



"Thirteen" (2011):

"Super Collider" (2013):


"Dystopia" (2016): 



"The Sick, The Dying...& The Dead" (2022):


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