Self-Analyasis Test Questions


1. Do you complain often of "feeling bad", and if so, what is the cause?

2. Do you find fault with other people at the slighest provacation?

3. Do you frequently make mistakes in your work, and if so, why?

4. Are you sarcastic and offensive in your conversation?

5. Do you deliberately avoid the association of anyone, and if so, why?

6. Do you suffer frequently with indigestion? If so, what is the cause?

7. Does life seem futile and the future hopeless to you? If so, why?

8. Do you like your occupation? If so, why?

9. Do you often feel self-pity, and if so why?

10. Are you envious of those who excel you?

11. To which do you devote most time, thinking of success, or failure?

12. Are you gaining or losing confidence as you grow older?

13. Do you learn something of value from all mistakes?

14. Are you permitting some relative or acquaintance to worry you? If so, why?

15. Are you sometimes "in the clouds" and at other times
in the depths of despondency?

16. Who has the most inspiring influence upon you? What is the cause?

17. Do you tolerate negative or discouraging influences which you can avoid?

18. Are you careless of your personal appearance? If so, when and why?

19. Have you learned how to "drown your troubles" by being too
busy to be annoyed by them?

20. Would you call yourself a "spineless weakling" if you permitted others
to do your thinking for you?

21. Do you neglect internal bathing until auto-intoxication
makes you feel ill-tempered and irritable?

22. How many preventable disturbances annoy you, and why do you tolerate them?

23. Do you resort to liquor, narcotics, or cigarettes to "quiet your nerves"?
If so, why do you not try will-power instead?

24. Does anyone "nag" you, and if so, for what reason?

25. Do you have a definite major purpose, and if so, what is it,
and what plan have you for acheiving it?

26. Do you suffer from any of the Six Basic Fears? If so, which ones?

27. Have you a method by which you can shield yourself
against negative influence of others?

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