Kildig Band Hiring New Lead Singer

8.2.2023 - Kildig Band Hiring New Lead Singer

As mentioned in our last post, "Major Issues Occurring Between Kildig Band Members," it was stated that current Kildig lead singer and lead guitarist NAME REDACTED isn't willing to allow the release of the Kildig album as he has repented of his sins and turned to Christianity. He doesn't want to be associated with horror films or anything of a dark nature. He finds his old ways of life to be very embarrassing and wants to distance himself from the Kildig band and website.

NAME REDACTED and the other Kildig members have been working to reach an agreement on this situation. This past week, a new agreement was reached. NAME REDACTED has suggested that Kildig hire a new lead singer. The finished Kildig album would have to remove NAME REDACTED's vocal tracks from the album and have the new Kildig lead singer record his vocal tracks. NAME REDACTED has agreed to allow his guitar tracks to remain on the album if he is paid a percentage of the album's profits. The other Kildig band members have agreed to these terms, and they are currently searching for a new lead singer to record the new vocal tracks and get the album released. There are many other agreements that are being talked about between NAME REDACTED and the other Kildig band members. More details are coming soon concerning the Kildig album and other transitions that are on the horizon.

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